Racks and Proper Parking

Mass of bikes locked up

Racks and Proper Parking

Racks and Proper Parking

With over 2,100 bike parking spaces spread out over the campus, Temple has plenty of room to lock up. Be sure that you take care with how you lock up to these spaces to make sure that you don't leave your bike vulnerable to opportunists.

Parking Safety Recommendations

  • Use a U-lock and a cable, rather than a flimsy cable combination lock. Cable locks can be easily cut by small, concealable tools.

  • Avoid U-locks that use a cylinder key, as these can be easily picked with inconspicuous tools.

  • When locking, position your U-lock so that it secures the front wheel, the frame of your bike, and the object that you are locking to. Use your cable to loop through your rear wheel, and secure both ends to the U-lock. Here's what it should look like:

  • Avoid locking your bike to objects that are not official bike racks. Locking up to trees, handrails, street signs and other street furniture not designed for bicycle-locking is called "flyparking". Flyparking can often allow you to park closer to your destination, but it creates obstructions for other members of the Temple community, especially those who are disabled. It's inconsiderate, and it breeds ill-will towards the greater bicycle community. On top of that, studies have also shown that flyparking greatly increases your bike's likelihood of theft.